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كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

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  • كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

    Hello there!
    You can call me S. aureus.
    I am a Gram Positive cocci (round) bacteria.
    I am also known as 'golden staph' because I form little yellow spots when I'm grown in a lab.

    Sometimes I can be a special type called "Methicillin resistant S. aureus" (or MRSA) and it is VERY VERY hard to get rid of.
    I live naturally in the noses and throats of many people.

    I cause pus filled infections anywhere I can get into.
    Specifically, I love skin, breasts, surgery or wounds, heart valves (endocarditis) and blood.
    I am the most common cause of joint and bone infections.
    I can also cause Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome or Staphylococcal toxic shock syndrome.

    Hello, my name is N. meningitidis.
    You can call me the meningococcus.
    I am a Gram Negative cocci (round) bacteria.
    I'm carried in the noses and mouths of 5-10% of people, but I don't make them sick.
    They can give me to other people by kissing and sharing drinks.

    I have 13 different 'serogroups' - my most deadly groups are A, B, C and Y.
    These can quickly kill healthy people.

    Most of the time, I cause meningitis and a special purple rash made of bleeding in the skin.
    I can also infect your blood.

    Hello hello.
    I'm N. gonorrhoeae.
    I'm Gram Negative bacteria, but I'm not a rod.
    I'm a coccus, which is a round bacteria, or sometimes two stuck together.
    Most people call me 'Gonococcus'.

    I am spread by sexual contact and I cause the STD called gonorrhoea.
    I can give you urethrtis, pharyngitis and cervicitis - which can lead to infertility.
    If I get into your blood I cause fever, skin lesions, arthritis and joint pain.
    I can get into the eyes of infants when they're born, if their mother is infected with me.

    My name is B. melitensis.
    I'm a Gram Negative bacteria.
    I am quite small.
    I live in sheep and goats, but some of my cousins live in cows, pigs and dogs.

    I cause a zoonotic infection called Brucellosis.
    Zoonotic means people can only get me from animals.
    I cause fever, headaches, mucle pain and even depression

    You can call me B. pertussis.
    I'm a Gram Negative bacteria.
    I am spread to people by respiratory droplets.
    I cause whooping cough, which can be highly fatal in infants.

    How do I do this?
    I get into the throat and make toxins.
    First I give you a cough, then your throat swells up.
    If it swells up enough, it can block your airway, giving your breathing a "whooping" sound

    Hola. I'm C. jejuni.
    I am a curved Gram Negative rod.

    You can find me in lots of domestic animals.
    I am part of the normal bacterial flora of poultry and cattle.
    I get into people through dirty drinking water or undercooked meat, especialy chicken.
    I cause food poisoning, with a self limiting bloody diarrhoea, abdominal cramps and fever

    Hello there.
    You can call me H. pylori.
    I am a helical Gram Negative rod.
    I live in the mucous layer of the stomach.

    I am famous for causing duodenal and gastric ulcers by making the stomach secrete lots of acid.
    I am also a risk factor to some gastric cancers.

    More than half the people in the world have me.
    In 2005 two scientists from Perth, Western Australia - Robin Warren and Barry Marshall - were given a Nobel prize for their work with me.
    Marshall even drank a dish full of me to give himself stomach ulcers and prove their theories.
    Before that, everyone thought stomach ulcers were caused by stress!

    Howdy, my name is H. aegyptius.
    I'm a Gram negative bacteria from the Haemophilus genus.
    Some people consider me to be a special type of H. influenzae.

    I cause conjunctivits, but what I really enjoy giving to people is Brazilian purpuric fever.
    It causes fever, abdominal pain, vomiting and a purpuric rash.
    It was very common in Brazilian children.

    Hello, I'm H. ducreyi.
    I'm a small, gram negative rod.
    I am mostly found in developing countries.

    I cause chancroid, a disease which is sexually transmitted.
    It has a soft chancre made of genital ulcers
    Then I spread to your inguinal (groin) lymph nodes and enlarge them.
    Sometimes they form abscesses.

    Hello there.
    My name is N. influenzae, just like my friend before me.
    But we are very different.
    I dont have a capsule like he does, so I can't be typed into a group.

    I am a small, Gram negative rod.
    I can cause bronchitis, sinusitis and otitis media in the ear.
    I can also cause pneumonia in the community.
    Scientists used to think that I caused flu, but then realised that it was caused by a virus instead.

    Greetings! My name is H. influenzea.
    But not just any H. influenzae.
    I have a special polysaccharide "capsule", so I can be "typed" into a specific group.
    Of all the groups A to G, I am the most important in terms of making you sick.

    In kids who are under 18 onths old, I tend to cause meningitis and septicaemia.
    I can be rapidly fatal and even cause problem if they survive.
    In kid over 18 months old, I usually cause epiglottitis, sweling and blocking off their airways.
    I like to give everyone else pharyngitis and laryngotracheobronchitis, which often becomes croup.
    يَا رب

    إن كان هناك ذنـــب
    يحـــول بيني وبين رضــــآكـ

    فـ أبعـــده عني و ابعدنـــي عنه
    و اغفـــــــره لي يَا اللـہَ
    اللهم إنك أعطيتنا الإسلام من غير أن نسألك
    فـلا تـحـرمنـــا الجــنـة ونـحـن نــسـألك

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    رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

    Howdy, I'm P. aruginosa.
    I'm a gram negative bacteria.
    But I'm not an Enterobacteriaceae like my friends before me.
    You can call me a non-fermentative rod, meaning I don't ferment glucose.
    You can mostly find me in hospitals

    I can cause lots and lots of things in people!

    In people with urinary catheters, I can cause UTIs.
    In intravenous drug users and transplant patients, I can cause septicaemia.
    If you have cystic fibrosis or are on a respirator, I can cause a respiratory infection.
    I cause swimmer's ear, plus colonise skin ulcers, infections and burns, just to name a few!

    I'm also very resistant to most antibiotics, so it's very hard to get rid me.

    I'm Y. Pestis.
    I'm a Gram negative Enterobacteriaceae bacteria.
    I'm from the Yersiniae tribe.

    I am the cause of the Black death and the bubonic plague.
    I spread all through out Europe in the 14th century and devastated the population.
    Some people say I took out a third of Europe!!!

    I get spread by fleas that are carried on rats, there were lots of them.
    I'm still endemic in a lot of the world, especially in Africa.

    Hello, I'm B. anthracis.
    I'm a Gram Positive rod that can form a spore.
    I can live in the soil for years and still be dangerous.
    I cause anthrax.
    I kill cattle and horses and humans that touch the animals.

    I can act in three different ways.
    When I get through your skin I make a black scab and fever.
    When I'm inhaled I look like flu, but then I suddenly get you in 24 hours.
    I get into your gut in uncooked meat.

    If you don't take antibiotics, I'm almost always fatal.
    Because I kill quickly, I'm sometimes used by armies as a biological weapon

    Hello, I'm E. faecalis.
    I'm a Gram Positive coccus.
    I live in your intestines when you are healthy.

    But I can be bad when I get into other parts of your body.
    If your intestines are torn (like surgery or stabbing) I spill out and infect your abdomen.

    I can also cause UTIs if you have a catheter.
    I can infect leg ulcers, burns and blood.
    When I infect your heart valves I'm very hard to get rid of.

    Hello, my name is C. difficile.
    I'm an anaerobic, Gram Positive rod that can make spores.
    I live in your digestive tract.

    I cause pseudomembranous colitis.
    Sometimes if you take broad spectrum antibiotics (especially clindamycin and the cephalosporins) you kill off your friendly bacteria.
    That leaves lots of room for me.
    I make toxins that cause very bad inflammation.
    You get diarrhoea, abdominal pain and a fever.

    I covered myself in a white membrane like coating that can be seen on the inside of your intestines.

    My name is C. perfringens.
    I'm a Gram Positive rod and anaerobic.
    I live in soil and can make spores to survive to for a long time.

    I can cause myonecrosis, or "gas g[IMG]http://www.******.com/vb/images/smilies/36_2_10.gif[/IMG]ene".
    I get into your muscles in wounds and make toxins.
    As I eat away at your muscles, I let off gases that build up between them.

    When I am "type A", I can cause food poisoning.
    I live in undercooked meat and make spores in your gut.
    I make an enterotoxin that gives you cramping and diarrhoea.

    My "type C" form causes "necrotising enteritis".
    You have to eat undercooked pork with me in it.
    You also have to eat alot of foods like sweet potatoes, which have a chemical called trypsin inhibitor in them.
    When they are together, I can make my β-toxin and eat away at your [IMG]http://www.******.com/vb/images/smilies/SugarwareZ-011.gif[/IMG]els.

    My name is C. diphtheriae.
    I'm a Gram Positive rod bacteria that can't form any spores.
    I have an irregular shape.
    I used to live in lots of places
    Now I mostly live where people don't have vaccines for me.

    I get into your throat and airway and make them swell up.
    The swelling forms a covering, so you can't breath.
    I give off toxins that hurt your heart and nerves.

    Why, hello hello.
    I'm known as L. monocytogenes.
    I'm a Gram Positive rod bacteria that can't form any spores.
    I live in many meats, vegetables and dairy products.
    My favourite foods are fancy soft cheeses, pate, coleslaw and sliced meats.

    I am especially dangerous for babies, the elderly and those without a good immune system.
    In these people I cause listeriosis, made up of bacteraemia and meningitis.
    In pregnant women I cause granulomatosis infantiseptica.
    The fetus becomes infected and sometimes dies.

    My name is L. acidophilus.
    I am a Gram Positive, rod shaped bacteria.
    I have a nice, regular shape, but I can't form spores.

    I'm never really dangerous.
    In fact, I'm usually very helpful.
    I can live in your mouth or your gut.
    I'm most important in a woman's vaginal area, because I make sure it is acidic enough to be healthy.

    My name is B. cereus.
    I'm a Gram Positive rod and I can form spores if I want.

    I love rice!
    Rice is one of my favourite places to live, especially if it's been reheated over and over.
    You can get food poisoning from me that will give you diarrhoea and vomiting.
    I use a special toxin to make you sick.

    Hey, my name is K. rhinoscleromatis.
    I'm a Gram negative bacteria, family enterobacteriaceae.
    Like my cousin K. pneumoniae, I'm part of tribe 6, Klebsiellae.

    I usually cause chronic granulomatous infection in the mucous membranes of the upper airway.
    I cause Rhinoscleroma, a hardening of skin on the nose, mouth and pharynx.
    I'm much more rare than than my cousin

    Hi, my name is K. pneumoniae.
    I'm Gram negative, in the Enterobacteriaceae family.
    I'm part of the Klebsiellae tribe.

    I cause a lobar pneumonia in the community.
    Most of the time, you find me in people with alcoholism, diabetes or chronic obstructive airway disease.
    My pneumonia is necrotising (cell destroying) and is severe.
    If you have my pneumonia, your sputum will look like "currant jelly".

    يَا رب

    إن كان هناك ذنـــب
    يحـــول بيني وبين رضــــآكـ

    فـ أبعـــده عني و ابعدنـــي عنه
    و اغفـــــــره لي يَا اللـہَ
    اللهم إنك أعطيتنا الإسلام من غير أن نسألك
    فـلا تـحـرمنـــا الجــنـة ونـحـن نــسـألك


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      رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

      Hi, my name is S. enteritidis.
      I'm part of the enterobacteriaceae, from tribe 3, Salmonellae.
      I'm a Gram negative bacteria.

      When I have typhoidal strains people just call me S. typhi.
      My typhoidal strains cause typhoid fever.
      It's a serious systemic disease you get when I invade through your intestines to you blood.
      It can be fatal!

      I have thousands of non-typhoidal strains as well.
      It can infect you through food and water and cause self-limiting diarrhoea.

      My cousins S. paratyphi causes paratyphoid fever (but I just think he's copying me)

      One of my most famous carriers is Typhoid Mary.
      She was a cook and was quarantined until the day she died.

      My name is S. dysenteriae.
      I'm a Gram negative bacteria in the Enterbacteriaceae family.
      I'm also part of tribe I, Ecsherichiae.
      My cousins S. flexneri, S. boydii, S. sonnei and I are all very close.
      We all cause bacterial dysentery, a diarrhoea with blood and pus.
      We can do this because we have Shiga toxin.
      We can be transmitted on clothes and furniture.

      I was all around in world war II and I killed King
      Henry V!

      Hey, my name is E. coli.
      I'm a Gram negative bacteria and I'm part of the enterbacteriaceae family.
      In my family I am part of tribe I, Escherichieae.
      My whole family is oxidase negative.
      I live in the [IMG]http://www.******.com/vb/images/smilies/SugarwareZ-011.gif[/IMG]els.

      My uropathic strains are the most common cause of urinary tract infection. For teh win!
      Some of my strains have virulence factors, so I can cause diarrhoea.
      The diarrhoea can watery or bloody, depending on which strain you have

      Hi there, I'm V. vulnificus.
      I'm a Gram negative, oxidase positive fermenter bacteria.
      I'm the most virulent of the non-cholera Vibrios.
      Like my cousins, I live in the ocean.
      I can get into you on contaminated seafood, where I cross from your gut to your blood stream.
      Then I can cause septicaemia and necrotic ulcers under the skin, with 50% mortality!
      Don't worry though, that's only if you are immunocompromised or have liver disease.

      Hey there!
      Call me V. parahaemolyticus, part of the Vibrio genus.
      I'm a Gram negative, oxidase positive fermenter bacteria.
      I live in salt water and you can get me by eating contaminated seafood.

      I cause gastroenteritis with watery diarrhoea, cramps and fever.
      Most of the time my infection is self-limiting.

      I even appear in a comic!!

      Hi, I'm V. cholerae.
      I'm a Gram negative, oxidase positive fermenter bacteria.
      Many of my strains cause cholera, a severe diarrhoeal illness.
      I can be epidemic or pandemic and I love the developing world.
      I have a high fatality in malnourished populations, where people get very dehydrated.

      To give you severe diarrhoea, my strains need to make the cholera toxin.
      I have lots of strains!
      Most of my strains that cause outbreaks are 'type-01' strains, but there are also 139 'non-type-01' strains.
      You can classify me into Inaba, Ogawa and Hikojima serotypes if you want. Or you could classify me into classical and El Tor biotypes (you don't see my El Tor much anymore though).

      I hope you pick me

      م ن ق و ل
      يَا رب

      إن كان هناك ذنـــب
      يحـــول بيني وبين رضــــآكـ

      فـ أبعـــده عني و ابعدنـــي عنه
      و اغفـــــــره لي يَا اللـہَ
      اللهم إنك أعطيتنا الإسلام من غير أن نسألك
      فـلا تـحـرمنـــا الجــنـة ونـحـن نــسـألك


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        رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

        جميلة جدا بس عاوزة واحد مذاكر وحابب يلعب

        يعنى نذاكر من الكتب وهى تفكرك بس

        أقرب مما تتخيل


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          رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

          فكرة جديدة جميلة .جزاكم الله خيرا
          خاص لشكاوي الأعضاء واستفساراتهم وبديلا للرسائل الخاصة
          لا يري الموضوع سوي كاتبه والإدارة
          لا تنسونا من صالح دعائكم


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            رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

            جزاكم الله خيرا

            بس أنا

            بكره الميكرو دا



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              رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

              جميلة جدا.........جزاكم الله خيرا
              " قل بفضل الله وبرحمته
              فبذلك فليفرحوا
              هو خير مما يجمعون "

              اللهم اقدر لى الخير حيث كان ثم ارضنى به

              MEDICINE IS AN ART


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                رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

                جميلة جدا بس عاوزة واحد مذاكر وحابب يلعب

                يعنى نذاكر من الكتب وهى تفكرك بس

                هي بالظبط تذكير بس

                جزاكم الله خيرا علي المرور دكتور

                فكرة جديدة جميلة .جزاكم الله خيرا
                جزانا وإياكم كل الخير

                شكرا علي المرور دكتــور

                جزاكم الله خيرا

                بس أنا

                بكره الميكرو دا

                طيب في أمل إن حضرتك تكون بتحب حاجه غير الميكرو من الأربع مواد

                فمــا بال حضرتك باللي بتكره الأربع مــواد
                لأ مش بالظبط أنا بكره كل سنه تالته علي بعضها

                ربنا المستعان إني بس أخرج منها علي خير
                بالتوفيق إن شاء الله للجميع

                جميلة جدا.........جزاكم الله خيرا
                جــزانا وإياكم كــل الخير

                شكـرا جميعا علي المرور
                جزيتم خيـــــــــــــــــرا

                يَا رب

                إن كان هناك ذنـــب
                يحـــول بيني وبين رضــــآكـ

                فـ أبعـــده عني و ابعدنـــي عنه
                و اغفـــــــره لي يَا اللـہَ
                اللهم إنك أعطيتنا الإسلام من غير أن نسألك
                فـلا تـحـرمنـــا الجــنـة ونـحـن نــسـألك


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                  رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

                  بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
                  السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
                  ما شاء الله

                  و ربك الغفور ذو الرحمة:pbuh-allteb


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                    رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

                    جميل جدااا
                    جزاكم الله خيرا
                    { يريدون أن يطفئوا نور الله بأفواههم ويأبى الله إلا أن يتم نوره ولو كره الكافرون (32)
                    هو الذى أرسل رسوله بالهدى ودين الحق ليظهره على الدين كله ولو كره المشركون (33) }
                    سورة التوبة ..



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                      رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

                      أحب النجوم لأن علوها يرفع الهمة وبريقها يضفي علي السعادة ونظري اليها يجلب لي السكون


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                        رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

                        جزاكم الله خيرا وجعله في ميزان حسناتكم
                        وتبسمت ذات الحجاب♥♥وسدت للشيطان باب
                        حين قال لها تعقلى وخذى بالأسباب♥♥من سيأتى يطلب يداك وأنت ترتدين الجلباب
                        كيف سيأتى وأنت متخفية فى الحجاب♥♥سينطفىء جمالك و تذهب زهرة الشباب
                        أليس لك جمال ورقة تأخذ الألباب♥♥ستكونى غريبة ويبتعد عنك الاحباب♥♥وعن حالك يسئلونك ويكثروا فى العتاب♥♥لماذا لاترتدين حجاب أنيق وجذاب
                        تبسمت وقالت أين سأهرب من العذاب♥♥هدفى رضا ربى و إليه المتاب
                        والزواج مكتوب ورزق من الوهاب♥♥لست أرضى بحلوى وقف عليها الذباب
                        أو بقطعة لحم نهشتها عيون الذئاب♥♥لقد آرتضيت وآرتديت رداء الغراب
                        فأنا أعيش عيش الأغراب♥♥وإن بعد عنى الأحباب♥♥وظنوا أن العقل فى غياب♥♥فالقرآن والسنة أعز الأصحاب
                        وقلبى فى حب محمد وآل البيت ذاب♥♥فى حجابى أشعر أنى عالية مثل السحاب
                        أشعر أنى قوية شامخة مثل القباب♥♥فما أنا فيه فضل من الوهاب♥♥فاغفرلى وتقبله منى يا تواب♥♥


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                          رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

                          ra23333333333333 wbark allh fekom..


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                            رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

                            الميكرو متخلف شويه

                            بس ربنا يسهلها

                            جزاك الله خيرا
                            يادرة حفظت بالأمس غالية * واليوم يريدونها للهو واللعب
                            ياحرة قد أرادوا جعلها* امة غريبة العقل غريبة النسب
                            هل يستوى من رسول الله قائده* دوما وآخر هاديه أبو لهب
                            وأين من كانت الزهراء أسوتها* ممن تقفت خطا حمالة الحطب
                            فلا تبالى بما يلقون من شبه* وعندك الشرع ان تدعيه يستجب
                            هما سبيلان ياأختاه مالهما من ثالث* فاكسبى خيرا أو اكتسبى
                            سبيل ربك والقرآن منهجه* نور من الله لم يحجب ولم يغب
                            فاصبرى وصابرى واصطبرى* واستمسكى بعرى الاسلام واحتسبى


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                              رد: كل ميكروب بيتكلم عن نفسه .... رائع جداً

                              it is really an interesting method for studying microb,
                              thanks a lot..